Varėna Education Centre

In-service Training Programmes

Varėna Education Centre is inviting general education institutions, individual companies, public institutions, offices, and private individuals, providing various consultations and services of non-formal education, to participate in the selection of non-formal education programmes of the district’s community. Institutions and private individuals, participating in the selection, have to have a document showing qualified and quality provision of education service and submit it together with a proposal (supplement No. 1).

Institutions or private individuals, participating in the selection, undertake to carry out non-formal education programmes till 1 January 2016.

Institutions or private individuals, participating in the selection, provide proposals till the 10th day of the current month in the first stage, and till the 20th day of the current month in the second stage according to the form set separately for each of these priorities:

In-service training of pedagogues applying general programmes in pre-primary, primary, and lower secondary education as well as in the 11th-12th grades.

In-service training of pedagogues, which promotes the modernization of the curriculum of all subjects, methods, and evaluation in the process of education, and which develops professional and managerial competence.

Education of district’s community in the field of IT

Legal education of district’s community

Strengthening of relations between the community and the municipality

Education of district’s community as a knowledge society

The authors and agencies of the selected programmes will be informed individually; only after the selection, the time and place of the programme’s execution will be set up and a copyright agreement on the supply of service will be signed. 

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