Varėna Education Centre

In-service trainings of pedagogues

We organize in-service training events: courses, seminars, and lectures.

We assist in acquiring new competences, abilities and skills and improving existing ones.

We collect and allow customers to use educational methodological literature, audio and video cassettes, and computer training facilities.

We advise on project management issues.

We provide free access to the internet. We consult and teach how to create your own personal online email box.

We help district’s residents to become active citizens in a democratic society. We cooperate with non-governmental organizations, and rural communities.

The Education Centre allows visitors to use free access to the Internet, and computer training facilities, provides professional information services, and lends educational methodological literature. Here you can read newspapers "Lietuvos rytas", "Dialogas", "Žvirblių takas", "Giružis", "Merkio kraštas", and newsletter "Švietimo naujienos".

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