Varėna Education Centre

University of the Third Age



To create conditions for seniors to learn through interaction and collaboration, disseminate and absorb the experience of professional, cultural and social activity, and promote meaningful partnerships of generations in various areas of public life.


University of the Third Age of Varėna is Inviting


On 9 October 2013, the University of the Third Age in Varėna Education Centre was opened. It is a non-profit organization, which unites natural and legal persons to meet the needs of seniors for non-formal education, culture, health promotion, and involvement in the life of the district‘s community, and strengthen the relations between generations.

The experience of other districts shows that the activity of the University of the Third Age is loved and successful. After all, there’s no better university than life itself. As a man declares ‘I already live’ when he comes into this world, every senior can remind ‘I still live’. All you have to do is to come to Varėna Education Centre and write a request to enter the university. We hope that you will join us. Telephone to inquire: 8-698-81205. 

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