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Who we are?

Varėnos švietimo centras
Varėna Education Centre is a municipal budgetary institution which has the following responsibilities:

- Carrying out in-service training of teachers, organization of methodological activities, and dissemination of good practice

- Providing educational psychological help for children, families, and schools

- Disseminating information and consulting about tourism and business

- Organizing leisure activities for seniors and youth

In-service trainings of pedagogues

  • We organize in-service training events: courses, seminars, and lectures
  • We assist in acquiring new competences, abilities and skills and improving existing ones.
  • We collect and allow customers to use educational methodologicaMore

Non-formal Adult Education

  • The Division of Non-formal Adult Education and In-service Training organizes and carries out in-service training events (courses, seminars, lectures etc.), helps members of the community meet the needs of self-education, and develop their culturMore

Pedagogical and Psychological Help

Since 2 August 2004, the Division of Pedagogical Psychological Services of Varėna Education Centre has been functioning.

The Division of Pedagogical Psychological Services assesses personal strengths and difficulties, developmental peculiaritieMore

Information about Tourism and Business

By the decision No. T-VI-846 of 22 December 2009 of Varėna District Municipality Council, Varėna Tourism and Business Information Centre was liquidated on 1 February 2010. The responsibilities of Varėna Tourism and Business Information Centre were More